Daily Journal – Mar 15, 2017

Yesterday’s incidence was in fact a stressful one, causing my body to go into hyperarousal, preventing me from sleeping at all. All I could do was try to just do wakeful rest. That’s just how my body react. I’m pretty sure people without proper or good stress management skills suffers the same fate. This year alone, I had 5 such episodes and in the long run, I’m not sure if it’s healthy.

Anyway, today, I simply just got out of bed once the alarm goes off and began my morning routine. But I knew later in the day, I will get a throbbing headache and extreme tiredness once the hyperarousal wears off. So right after breakfast, I took a panadol extra, which contain 65mg of caffeine. It help me stay awake and reactive to situation around me. It also numbs the pain, if any that came with the lack of sleep.

At work, I manage to get a few items done and they are as follows:

Create and open support cases with the product vendor in hope to get resolution for some of the questions and issues found during the SIT.

Tried some scenarios and got some older logs for one of the customer’s connected system. I also had a fruitful discussion with a colleague (this system relies on a custom solution which is developed by him) to identify what went wrong during SIT. Apparently,  the customer made changes to how the interface work, breaking our custom solution. With that, I cross swords with the customer via email.

Tried to be a proper lead by getting my juniors to do some work, update their respective tickets in JIRA, and get some feedback on their progress. I was asked to provide time estimates for the issues that were found during SIT yesterday. So I did that today by reviewing through tickets that are assigned to me and estimate how long will it take me to implement. I also work with my juniors to get their time estimates for their assigned tickets.

One thing to note though, the process of me doing time estimate for the JIRA tickets could have been better. I had at first focus on tickets that doesn’t need me to open support cases with the product vendor. Then after a while I realized those that require opening of support cases should also be estimated because they too take up our time. So I did that. I should have recognize this fact earlier and sped up the whole process. So that’s one learning point.

Then I went and work on my tickets. Implemented the fixes, tested them in the staging environment. Satisfied, I closed the tickets. As one of my colleague’s ticket involved the SIT test document, I updated the document with the changes he needs to do and closed his ticket.

Before I forget, my other junior colleague also had to open support case and needed the applicaiton environment’s configuration file. As he has never go deep into the application’s management console, he didn’t know how. He was also at another location working on another project, without access to the customer’s system. So I helped him export it, zip it up and send it to him so that he can update the support case. I also taught him how to export the configuration.

My manager today mentioned that next wednesday, we should clear off the remaining SIT cases that weren’t signed or had failed. So after yesterday’s scolding, this time around, I made the comment that I will call the customer before we even go there to conduct the SIT to maximize our time spent there. We sure don’t want to sit there idling. Of course, I also realized that I should probably come up with a proper plan on how to execute that. So first thing tomorrow morning, that’s what I will do.

Lastly, early this morning, I sent a heartfelt thanks and apologies to my junior for their efforts during the SIT and my poor management skills respectively.

I need to start learning not to work like a lone wolf anymore.

Here I conclude my journal for today.