Daily Journal – Mar 16, 2017

I went through another night without proper sleep again. Throughout the night, I kept waking up until a point where I don’t even know if I slept. I guess I’m still in shock over the Tuesday incident and had to talk to a few friends.

On the topic of talking to friends, last night, I actually called up my best friend up to talk for nearly two hours for the first time in nearly three or so months. He naturally gave me a light-dressing down but I think I deserve that too. As his best friend, I also failed to call him up and find out how he is doing. But after that, we start sharing and talked about how to move forward with what I have experienced. It was a good talk. It got me thinking about my next plan.

This morning, I woke up as usual but was groggy and had a headache. I did my usual morning rountine, got showered and dressed up for work. For today, I had some basic plan of what I want to do.

The first thing I did after I reached office, I actually took one panadol extra to stop the headache and use the caffeine to keep me awake. Then I went about doing the first task that I planned last night. The task was actually about coming up with a breakdown of the failed test cases, estimate the time needed and plan out when to do what, spanning three days.

Half way through, my manager asked me if I can go for a meeting with one of the application owner at 2pm. I said ok and then I went on doing my work. Along the way, I had some discussion with a colleague on an issue about the customer making a change to their API interface that caused us to spend unnecessary hours to debug the issue and caused disruption to the SIT. During the discussion, we realized there was also fault on our side.

Then when it was about 11.30, I went for lunch first as I had a meeting at 2pm. Beside, I wasn’t sure if my manager is coming back to office and will be going straight for the meeting. My intention was that after I’m done with my work, I will go straight to the customer’s office. Thus, my early lunch. Then I went back office to continue working.  Then, I had another short discussion with my colleagues about his project, you know to share some ideas. Shortly after, at about 12.30, my manager came back. Throughout the whole morning, I was still under the effects of the painkiller and caffeine, so I was able to focus and do something. I manage to finish the schedule and sent it to my manager to gather some feedback. Before long, off we go for lunch.

We made our way to the customer’s office on bus and on the trip there, my manager and I had some light discussion on the project as a whole and some stuff about the product we are using.

Once we reached the customer’s office, I went about creating a new JIRA ticket. It was something that I missed out but discovered while doing up the SIT re-test plan. Then we met up with the application owner to discuss on a new operational flow. I got myself involved by talking to the owner and asking questions to get better understanding. As far as I can remember, this was actually the first time I got involved in a proper requirement gathering for this project. In the meantime, I went to ask a colleague of mine for help to gather some logs for one of my support case with the product vendor. This time, somehow, I got myself to be as concise as I possibly could to get across the instruction on what I need.

Then after that, we had a short meeting with the the project manager and her manager before we went off to meet the customer’s project in-charge and her boss. I just sit in and listen while the more senior people in the room went on about various items. I did what I usually do. Taking notes of the meeting so that we have some kind of proof of what we discussed. Then the meeting was over.

My manager and I later stayed around to start drafting an email to reply my boss on the issue with the API interface. I will say while drafting the email, there are certain things that I can’t see and so my manager help me out. I did have my own input but was subsequently rephrase so as not to get scolding from my boss again. Through, I acknowledge that writing email is an art form and will need more exposure, more experience in order to respond better.

After the email was sent out, he an I had a heart to heart talk about the incident on Tuesday and we shared our thoughts and how the sudden dumping of responsibilities on me is too much. I wasn’t ready for those. Then we agreed on an action plan that will train in areas that I’m lacking in such as management skills and also reduce the scope of what I need to do. There was an agreement that my strength is more on the technical aspect of things. So that’s what I will focus on primarily. Then I told him that I want to try and do basic management of my juniors. For example, checking where they are and how to get them to do things, etc. I also told him that I will try to prepare and plan for things that I can see as much as possible and will send it to him. This way, I hope I can train myself to be better at planning things. At the end of it, consistency is the key to mastery.

Then I told him what I intend to do tomorrow as well as I needed to rest from the sleep debt during this lull period until UAT.

With that, we end off. Once I reached home, I went about downloading the logs my colleague uploaded and start identifying what went wrong during SIT and prepare a simple note about that. As I’m very tired, I decided not to go ahead and reply to the support case so as to prevent errors or mistakes from happening.

Here I conclude my journal for today.