Daily Journal – Mar 19, 2017

Sunday is a day where I spent half of it, or nearly half of it, watching TV series. Before long, it was 12pm. I played Sniper Elite 4 for an hour before I went for a shower and decided to go for lunch. By then, my stomach is growling. As usual, I went to eat at Ichiban Boshi.

After lunch, I went to get another Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter for my MacBook Pro. I decided to get that because on Friday, I actually forgot to bring the adapter to work. The night before, I was using my MacBook at home, plugged to my home network using the adapter. Then in the morning, as I was packing up for work, I somehow forgot about the adapter, which was still connected to the Ethernet cable. At work, this raise an alarm bell in my head. What if today was the day that I needed the adapter to do all my work and my colleagues aren’t there to help? I will be in quite a bad situation. Therefore, I see it as a necessary purchase. Don’t get me started on why am I bringing my own devices and gadgets to work. It’s just my preference.

After that, I came home, used my MacBook to attempt to do some programming work. Admittedly, I didn’t feel like working at all but I hope I could force my way through. So I wrote a few lines of code in to get started but it was obvious that my motivation was way low. Instead I shift focus to continue to watch shows. I got myself started to watch Marvels Iron Fist on Netflix. And at about 8, I had my dinner of home-made prawn noodles. At around 9, I decided to at least attempt plan for the week ahead by identifying what needs to be done, blockers if any. I also updated the work calendar to indicate what I will do tomorrow.

I watched one more episode of Iron Fist, putting me at episode 3, before I decided to call it a day. It’s time for me to go to bed and rest.

Here I conclude my journal for today.