Daily Journal – Mar 20, 2017

It’s Monday, a brand new start of the week. For today, I planned to continue with the performance tuning of the application server as well as doing review of the SIT issues that were fixed. Later in the afternoon, I had a meeeting with the customer on a change request regarding a business flow.

While I was making my way to work, my manager asked me to take a look at a series of power slides that he developed for another project change request as well as preparing the a report that is essentially a breakdown of SIT test cases, their status and the reason for the given status.

As soon as I reached the customer’s office at Paya Lebar, which is actually a training room, I got out all the things that I will need to do my work. Then I prioritize on taking a quick look at the powerpoint slides to determine if there are anything wrong or should be added. Before long, my manager also arrived. I told him that the slides are okay and he sent it out subsequently.

Next up, I got started to work on preparing the breakdown. In the previous week, I did prepare a breakdown of the time needed to conduct a SIT retest as well as the schedule. So I reuse that.

Once I’m done with that, I moved on to began optimizing the application server. During the tweaking process, I realized that the storage drive for the MSSQL tempdb file was hitting maximum. How I know? The application servers failed to start up after I tweaked their configuration file and wanted to do benchmarking.

So I went to look around in the drive of the host server where the databases are located and noticed that there were weekly backups of the databases. So I proceed to move them to another drive which had a bigger space. But before that, I actually had to stop all the application servers as well as the supporting services. Once I’m satisfied, I restart the databases, the services and then the application servers.

Throughout the morning, I tried and tried with different combination but nothing seems to work. The performance was still pretty bad and I was running out of ideas until I remember that there is an option that I could enable. That’s by setting the -server parameter as part of the JAVA_OPTS of the JBOSS EAP 6.4 application server. Then I retest and did my benchmarking. Sadly, nothing change. The loading performance of accesses that can be requested by users is still slow.

With that, it was already lunch time. I didn’t have the time to do the review of the issues that were fixed. Regression testing is actually very important and it will make us look very unprofessional if the SIT retest still throw up errors. So the retest will have to be pushed back by another day. I hope I can do it tomorrow.

After lunch with my manager and another colleague, who joined us at around 10.40am to work on the custom connectors that he is responsible for, my manager and I made our way to the customer office at Jurong East.

We then laze around for bit and then the staff who is meeting us finally arrived. My manager and the staff talked about the change request while I went and try out a solution for another support case in our company’s lab environment. The solution worked and I told my other colleague about it. I told him that I will leave it to him to decide whether he want to reply to that support case and when he wanted to test it in the customer’s environment.

The discussion between my manager and the staff came to a stop because they wanted to wait for the customer’s project manager, who is the in-charge of the whole project. She came later and the discussion went on and I switch focus to listen in and give feedback only when necessary. The discusison lasted for about an hour and a half. There some some conclusion and also more questions to be asked. Then the staff left. Then the project manager, my manager and I made our way up to level 5. There was a need for us to prepare the SIT test cases report for all cases instead of just the failed cases. The project manager wanted a summary. With that, I got back the test plan that has all the comments and status. For the next half an hour or so, my manager went to find another staff who is in-charge for another aspect of the project while I took the chance to prepare the report. I manage to only prepare a fraction of it before we decided to call it a day.

So what’s next?

I need to get my colleague to try out something related to actual production migration. We will need onboard all existing application accounts in the customer’s environment into the identity manager and ensure the accounts are given the identity manager equivalent of the existing roles and groups. It is very important because to the customer, if a employee is unable to make any changes to existing roles or groups, then the cut-over is considered a failure.  For this, I will need to get one of my colleague, also my teammate, to help out and test.

In the meantime, I will also need to prepare the test case report, prepare for the SIT retest, the SIT issue fixed regression testing and continue to tweak the performance. It is quite necessary for the performance to be fixed before the SIT retest because without that, the test cases might failed again.

Here I conclude my journal for today.