Daily Journal – Mar 21, 2017

I’m not really feeling the desire to write anything today but as part of my commitment to write at least something everyday, I shall write up the things that happened today. Short and sweet.

For the morning work session, I made my way back to my company, back to my assigned desk. The purpose? To prepare a breakdown of the SIT test cases that include their statuses and reason for certain status. That took me a while to finish before I moved on to trying out some stuff suggested by the Product Support Team in my company’s lab environment.

Then it was 1.30 or so and I went for lunch with my colleagues and boss. During lunch, I got to say, I felt awkward sitting beside my boss after the incident last week but still, those are just feelings. It’s not professional to let it show and so I just pretend nothing’s is wrong. I did attempt to make some conversation but still, I guess I’m not used to sharing a lot with someone who is obviously much higher ranking than me. But I have to note that I can converse with my colleague, especially the one seated beside me, as well as my juniors and my manager.

Then it is 2pm, and all of us went our separate way. My colleagues (2 of them) and boss, had a meeting with another customer. I went to the taxi stand where I took a cab down to the customer’s office in Paya Lebar. I had some stuff to do there and they are as follows:

  1. Test out suggestions, respond and close as many of the support cases that I have opened with the Product Vendor.
  2. Review the powerpoint slides containing workflows prepared by my manager for some of the change request to check for spelling errors and determine if there are any issues with the business flows.
  3. Attempt to generate reports again and to send them to my manager
  4. Try out a scenario where a user is scheduled to be deleted, the user has accounts with various applications, and there is a network issue during the deletion. Then we want to see if we can resubmit the deletion event.

I would say that for point 1 and 2 was done relatively smoothly. Point 3 have some issues and it could not be done. The reports just take very long to generate. Apparently, there is CPU throttling again. Point 4 was tested by me and I found out that you need to use another application to manually delete the user’s application accounts after the network is back online.

As you can see, today is another day where I consider it to be a lull period. Of couse, in a couple of weeks time, I will have another round of nightmare re-doing parts of the SIT as well as making preparation for and doing the actual UAT.

There is of course two more critical tasks that I need to do and they are as follows:

  1. Doing discovery work on how to migrate existing accounts into the identity manager
  2. Regression testing for the fixed SIT issues.

Here I conclude my journal for today.