Daily Journal – Mar 24, 2017

It’s Friday again. Today, I planned to continue with the tuning of the staging environment. However, in actuality, I didn’t quite get to do much with it. Simultaneously, my colleagues were doing their respective bug fixings and using the staging server. I can’t just restart the server as and when I like. So I waited until 5 or so when my colleagues are done before I get started.

So did I do anything? Well I did. I stripped out many options that I applied as part of the tuning on the development server. I also toned down on the initial JDBC connection pool. I did some test with that and the performance seemed to be rather stable but still bad. I don’t think there was much I can do. I have the suspicion that it was the host server’s problem, not the application. I also attempt to follow up with my colleague on his discovery work on performing initial loading of users from applications and assigning them with the corresponding role that they already had.

I also helped my colleague to clean up the staging environment after it was found that the customer had placed the sanitized HR file into the ftp server. This sanitized file was also what I saw the day before during the meeting with the customer. The identity manager went to pick up the new file and processed it. End result? Thousands of users were created in the system and we had to manually clear them out. As some were stuck in workflows, we had to disable all the other rules that will run once the workflows complete to prevent unintended creation or accounts at the application side, especially the Active Directory. By the way, the customer only had one Active Directory and it is the production one. Therefore, we can’t just do whatever we like with it. After we cleared the users, I went to re-enable all the rules that we disabled earlier.

Then one of the application owner, the SAP one, contacted me later in the afternoon. He wanted to ask if one of the test case he asked for during SIT was included. I told yes and it was part of the new SIT test plan. Then he also mention about the email I sent him regarding a SAP account being created with additional roles during the SIT. He told me that he tried creating one SAP account and assign it with the system role and there are no other additional roles assigned. That’s when I realized I made a mistake. I didn’t check the configuration template that I used after he raised the issue as well as checking the template before I sent that email out. So I apologize, one verbally and the other via the email. There was no point to continue to hold my ground for this case. I also went to fix the issue.

So there is a lesson to learn here. Always double check or triple check your work before sending out anything. The end result is that it may put you in a bad position.

I left the office at around 6pm. My colleagues have all left by then. Well, I tend to be the last one in and usually, the first one in office. Not that it matters caused the amount of work I did is still less than my colleagues. I would seem that I’m just not very productive.

Then once I reached home, I switched off. Went to play Horizon Zero Dawn instead until it was time to write this blog. After I was done, I continued playing until about 1am.

Here I conclude my journal for today.