Daily Journal – Mar 27, 2017

It is a brand new week.

But I didn’t sleep very well again last night. The caffeine from the rather big cup of Americano, which I drank at around 3.15pm, was still in my body. I drank it while I was having lunch before I made my way to Orchard Road. I wanted to get the book titled, “A Night Without Stars” by Peter F. Hamilton and I tend to go to the Kinokuniya bookstore.

As for how’s my day? Let me get started.

Since I didn’t sleep very well, I went to work as though I’m a zombie. My brain is functioning very slowly and memory tend to be very poor.

I went about my usual routine upon reaching Paya Lebar before making my way to the office. Once there, I drew the room key from the guard office and made my way in. I got my things out.

The first thing I did for the morning was to configure an additional Account Template and assign it to a Provisioning Role within the Identity Manager. It was meant for one of the additional test cases that the customer wanted. After I’m done, I went about configuring the target permission in the Identity Portal and that was all to it. Everything else was already preconfigured for the SIT and all I need to do is just add on more.

Next, I went about to try out configuring the Account Template through the LDAP client in my company’s lab. It was part of following up to the Product Support Case and I followed the instruction given to me. The intention was to see how I can allow different combination of Account Templates to be assigned to a user account in the Identity Manager such that the user will have different protocols that are enabled for their Exchange Mailbox. The end result was that it didn’t work. I took the necessary screenshots and sent it back, telling the person handling the case that it didn’t work as intended. With that, I moved on to the other task.

I went on to collect information about the server requested by the support person. I had also opened a support case with the Product Vendor regarding the slow performance and was handling since the beginning.

A side note: This is how you do it actually. If you know that you didn’t sleep very well the night before, your productivity drops but still you need to do your work. So, do one thing at a time. Ensure that you see it through. Somehow, you will find yourself completing tasks quickly.

Next, I went to take additional screenshots to prepare the powerpoint slides that I wanted to show the customer tomorrow on the proposed workflow of how user make a request through the Identity Portal such that the user can get an account and the necessary roles in the external application. Before I knew it, my boss was asking me about the training course that is scheduled for end of April.

I tend to get panicky when my boss ask me things. Not sure why, I just do. I will need to analyze why. My first guess would probably be because I have a very low confidence level and I fear making mistakes, especially with the boss. Anyway, I switched my focus to sending out a email to the course provider and asking for confirmation. I got a reply back later and I notified my boss about it.

Then my manager was asking me about the status of the bulk loading of users into the Identity Manager. I delegated it to my colleague. He did it, prepared some documentation, and as of last Friday, I got some basic status update from him already. With that, I updated my manager. After some back and forth, I went ahead to update my colleague about testing the functionality thoroughly. Reason is simple. We will need to do the same thing during UAT.

Before we knew it, it was lunch. So off we go.

After lunch, I went about to review and update the SIT test plan, bringing it to the next version. While updating, I made sure that the content matches what was implemented in the staging/SIT environment. I took the chance to also review the JIRA issues, closing or updating them as necessary. It was about 4.30 when I uploaded it to the company’s internal cloud storage. I told my manager about it and went on to clean up the powerpoint slide that I was doing earlier and then I sent it to my manager.

By the time it was about 5.15pm, I got started to read up on how to properly study and tune Java applications. I got myself familiarized with the JConsole and how to use it. Then I tried it out in various of the environment. I also went to read up on Java Garbage Collection and how it affects the performance of application servers. I left at about 6.25pm after packing up.

Ranting: I despise and hate smokers. The products they used are so toxic to the people around them. The smell and the fact that I breathed in the residues always make me sick. Yet, our PAP government isn’t doing anything about that. Even enforcement of no smoking in sheltered areas didn’t happen. The smokers themselves are so self-centered too.

This conclude my journal for today.