Daily Journal – Mar 28, 2017

My update for today would be rather short as I’m very tired.

So here it goes.

Today is a full day meeting with the customer. The purpose? To run through the SIT issues with the individual tester. Part of it was to update them on what was fixed, what will be retest, what won’t be fixed. It is also during this period where we discover more about what the tester want.

For me, I spent half the time talking to the tester, running through with them on the test cases and issues. There are situation where my manager, who’s there, would be the one handling the testers. After all, he has a better picture of what’s going on and would be in a better position to make certain decision and explain certain things.

After the first half of the meeting was done, my manager told me that I will be doing discovery work on another product. This time, instead of an Identity Manager, it’s API gateway. All I can say is, I’m excited about it. But naturally, it will be a concurrent thing with the project that I’m on and it will be up to me to properly manage the two different threads.

So, good luck to me. Will update again tomorrow.