Daily Journal – Mar 29, 2017

For today’s update, I will keep it short.

Yesterday, I didn’t sleep well again. I just don’t know why. Only manage to fall asleep at around 4am and had to wake up around 7. In between, I found myself waking up pretty often.

And below are what I have done or went through:

  1. Had coffee in office.
  2. Updated the SIT test case breakdowns to include test owner, comments provided by the testers during the meeting yesterday.
  3. Sent summary emails to the application owners on the meetings we had yesterday.
  4. Went for meeting for one of the application at the customer’s main office. Got back with a bunch of comments and feedback as well as potential change requests.
  5. Had an internal meeting to sync up on what’s happening in the company.
  6. Went to buy a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter for my MacBook Pro.
  7. Went to get a bunch of supplements to replenish my supplies.

In case you are wondering, for supplements, I tend to go with Ocean Health and Redoxon. For Redoxon, I have taking the Vitamin C supplements since I was 15 in my bid to speed up healing of my acne and prevent scarring.

Here I conclude my journal for today.