Daily Journal – Mar 30, 2017

It’s the fourth day of the week. This is my 14th journal. 2 weeks worth of journal just went by.

So what happened today? I’m gonna keep it short.

I spent most of my day working on the breakdown of SIT cases document. I also updated the new SIT test plan to include more test cases.

Other than that, I sent off several emails with regards to the SIT test as well as sending out the updated documents.

I also got started to work on something new and that was to install and configure Kong, an open-source API gateway.

At first, I attempted to install on my mac but I hit an error with regards to the crypto library. Wanted to dig deeper before I shifted focus to work on the SIT documents.

Then I also went to take a quick look at the support cases that I opened and I also created and updated some issues in JIRA. Those issues are related to the SIT too.

And today, I came to know that for UAT, my other colleague will be conducting it. A part of me realize that it’s because of the mistakes I made during SIT that I won’t be following it through with the UAT. From a company perspective, it make sense. It’s all about getting things done properly, on time and on target. There is no room for fumbling around. So let’s move on from that.

Oh, I made another mistakes today. I sent email using my personal gmail instead of my work email. That’s what happened when you don’t check and have setup so many email accounts on your Apple Mail.

Lastly, I went to buy Melatonin yesterday. Took a pill. The end result was, I woke up this morning feeling extremely groggy. Had to drink two shot of expresso at work to keep me awake. But then I started mentally crashing at around 4.30pm.

Seriously, Laydon, stop doing that. You suck.

This conclude my journal today.