Daily Journal – Apr 4, 2017

For today, I spent half the day figuring out how to get OAuth2 to work with Kong. Yesterday, I had some issues getting it to work properly.

So as a last resort, I decided to delete everything from the Kong database and start from scratch. Finally, I manage to get Kong to respond with an Invalid Token error.

Then after which, we went for lunch.

After lunch, my colleagues and I had a discussion on how to approach the problem of loading existing users into the CA Identity Manager and assign them with the corresponding provisioning role that represent their actual, pre-existing role. By the end of it, we came up with a solution and will go with that.

Then the next few hours until 6.30pm, it was mostly a blur. I found myself working on many smaller items such as sending out emails to follow up on the re-SIT tomorrow, updating of SIT documents. I also prepared a simple guide on what to do in order to collect logs from the Identity Portal with regards to its performance issue.

Lastly, there were also period of time where I’m actually doing my own things like surfing the net.

I finally left office at around 6.30pm.

Once I reached home, I got showered and settled down to do my own things like watching TV series.

Here I conclude my journal for today.