Daily Journal – Apr 5, 2017

Today is another day where I spent my time on Kong. I attempted to perform OAuth 2 authentication after I manage to get Kong to provision an Access Token. During the testing, I came to realize that Kong is having trouble connecting to the upstream.

A deeper digging into the logs made me realized that Kong is actually appending an extra “/“ to the upstream URL. Depending on the target system or host, the trailing slash is treated differently. Some may ignore and some will treat it as a directory request.

Went digging around the web and found that it was actually a bug with the application and the developers had just deployed a fix. However, based on their release cycle, I doubt I will see the fix any time soon. Since this will potentially cause issue with the actual production rollout, and after consulting with one of my colleague, it is determined that I should raise the issue with upper management and seek alternatives. But if the customer’s system is able to ignore the additional “/“ sent by Kong during API calls, then I think it won’t cause much problem. We shall see how that goes.

Then at around 2.30, after lunch, my colleague and I made our way to the customer’s office. It was re-SIT day for two of the applications. Later in the evening, there is a session for the testing of the Password Synchronization Agent with the customer’s Active Directory.

The re-SIT went well. But the testing of the Password Synchronization Agent hit some problem. Password changes managed to propagate down to the Provisioning Store but not the User Store of the CA Identity Manager. When I first tested it in our lab environment, it was all fine. And today, suddenly it all stopped working. Spent some time debugging it but still couldn’t determine why.

But it is during this moment where I realize my bad habit keep popping up. My mind keep running everywhere trying to find a solution or an answer. I hate that. Then, I have a habit of doing troubleshooting on the wrong environment without a proper plan. Seriously, that’s bad and I must change that.

By about 7.30pm, my colleague and I decided to call it a day and we went home.

I reached home at about 8.40pm and had my dinner, then a shower. Watched a couple of youtube video and I went on writing this journal.

Here I conclude my journal for the day.