Daily Journal – Apr 7, 2017

As many people say, it’s Friday!

So what did I do today? I think I will go with point form.

  1. Prepared and committed a guide to my company’s Git. It was on how to handle the inbound synchronization failure.
  2. Updated and committed a guide on the CA Password Synchronization Agent. Basically, I added information on how to unload and load the agent.
  3. Discovered additional thing about OAuth 2. I finally understood how to use OAuth 2’s Authorization Grant flow [in the context of Kong ].
  4. Attempt to schedule for Re-SIT for two other applications
  5. Followed up on a verbal request via email on disabling a scheduled task.
  6. Attempted to help with Applying custom CSS via Javascript (somehow I felt I was ignored)
  7. Followed on the testing of the application that I fixed for my client (freelance work)
  8. Have dinner, watched some show and write journal.

Here I conclude my journal for today.