Daily Journal – Apr 10, 2017

Another week just went past and today is Monday again.

This morning, I decided to catch up with an ex-colleague and chat with him on FaceBook.

Then at about 10, I switched focus to my work and start investigating how to enable Exchange Mailbox protocols via the Policy XPress in CA Identity Manager. I can’t seem to find any decent article on how to do it. So decided to check with the support team.

Then I went to review the issue logs for two of the application to ensure that I resolved some of the fixable bug and to determine what will not be fixed. Kind of like a sync up. The customer’s manager got back to me that she arranged for the Re-SIT for two of the applications for tomorrow. So I sent out emails to make arrangement for the time slots.

The support team also got back to me on another issue regarding the CA Identity Portal. So I went to take a look and asked my colleague to help test the findings. Apparently, it worked. The relevant JIRA ticket was updated, opened and closed once the issue is confirmed to be resolved. I also went to update the guide with the findings.

It was about 1pm when we all went for lunch.

After lunch, I continued to look at Kong and prepare the documentation on how to use OAuth2 Authorization Flow. I also uploaded the documents that I prepared to the company NAS for temporary storage.

At about 6ish, I made my way home as I needed to change some Taiwanese Dollar for my upcoming trip and get some toiletries, partly also for the trip. Also, I wanted to get the Logitech Create keyboard but then I couldn’t find any stocks at Jurong Point. It’s a sign that I shouldn’t buy it. And so, I didn’t pursue it further. I’m left with just the data-roaming 4G plan which I will get tomorrow. Thinking of Starhub because it’s so much cheaper than SingTel.

Anyway, I noticed that I hadn’t really talk to my boss at all for the past two days… Odd… I think it’s my fault. Need to work on that.

Here I conclude my journal for the day.