Daily Journal – Apr 11, 2017

So what did I do?

It was re-SIT day for two of the connected applications and managed to pass majority of the test cases. There was one that is more problematic and had to be fixed. However, fixing the issue will make it a Change Request. I guess we shall see how.

Then, after that, I went to get a Logitech Create Keyboard for my iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I intend to bring the iPad to Taiwan so that I can write my novel and daily journals. I have no intention of bringing my MacBook because hotels don’t have a 100% guarantee that items stored in their safe is 100% secure.

Whatever I do two things always come first: safety and security.

Then upon reaching home, I had my dinner and got down to fix a bug for my client. She was testing the release that I uploaded to my client’s FTP server and only manage to get back to me today on her testing. So I committed the changes to BitBucket.

With that, I went on to write this journal. I will update more tomorrow.

Here I conclude my journal for today.