Daily Journal – Apr 13, 2017

It is the fourth day of the week. As mentioned yesterday, it marks the first day of my Taiwan trip. This trip is paid for by the company. So I’m with my colleagues. Therefore, it’s kind of a combination of work-leisure in my opinion. 

Anyway, it’s my first time in Taiwan. I never do have the intention of coming here. But since it is paid for by the company I guess why not. Of course, it’s not free per say. All of us have to earn back the money by doing more project.

This journal is unlike the rest I have done so far. Until 2200hrs local time (also Singapore time), I will be updating the journal with more content. I guess this can be something like a text-version of a vlog. Honestly, if anyone have any idea what this is called, let me know. 

At around 1245hrs, my colleague and I made our way to the departure gate. We went through the standard security checks and waited for our turn.

At around 130zhrs, Singapore Time, we boarded the plane. 

At around 1340hrs, the plane took off from Changi Airport at around 1350hrs. That was a rough estimate since I never quite check the time. 

While on the flight, I watched a movie called The Passenger. After the movie is done, I decided to start working my novel but without a proper dose of coffee, I can’t seem to think clearly. So I got a cup of black coffee, no sugar, from the flight attendant. It took a while before the caffeine kicked in and not surprisingly, I got distracted by the movie, Hacksaw, my colleague was watching. I gave up trying to create something and simply wait for the plane to land.

We finally arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at around 1745 local time. Again, I didn’t quite check the time. Upon arriving, we went through the standard arrival procedure of going through immigration checkpoint and collecting our luggage. Then we met with the local tour coordinator who first asked us what we need to get first. So one of my colleague went to top up his pre-paid SIM card while the rest went to get water from either the vending machine or the water cooler. In the meantime, I waited for them. I didn’t want to get any water as I just had coffee. Knowing that the bus ride from Taoyuan airport to our hotel will take 2 hours or so, I didn’t want to end up in a situation where I had to hold my urine. Then we made our way to the car park where our bus, kind of like a minibus, was waiting. 

At around 1850hrs, Taiwan Time, we boarded the bus. So here I am, writing this journal while on the bus. 

It’s 7.02pm now but the sky looks very dark. It’s the effect of being so far away from the equator I guess. The planetary tilt of 23 degree made sure of that. But it’s cool.

It’s 1906hrs, Taiwan Time, the bus is speeding through the highway towards our hotel, I guess I will switch focus to write my novel. Will update later.

1945hrs, Taiwan Time, still traveling on the road. It’s pouring heavily now but the driver was simply speeding through the highway. At the same time, I’m feeling hungry. Hmmm… 

Arrived at our hotel, Hotel Day Plus, in Taichung. Put our bags down and then off we went to have dinner. After that, we went around and had some street food. I had a Pig Blood Cake… well mostly was glutinous rice. I also had some bbq scallops and squid. However, my stomach wasn’t feeling so good. After a few more rounds of walking, we took cab and made our way back to Hotel.

Here I conclude my journal for today.