Daily Journal – Apr 14, 2017

Second day of the Taiwan trip. For today, we went to Sun Moon Lake. It took us 2 hours or so to get there on the bus. Upon reaching there, we walked along the trail for approximately 3 kilometres.

It was about 1300hrs before we reached the visitor center. Then we chilled around for a bit, had some coffee and missed a bus ride down. Chill some more and left the place at around 1420hrs on a paid bus to the town nearby. I can’t remember what it was called but it’s mostly for tourists. Then we went for a quick bite at one of the street stall before taking the 2hrs ride back to Taichung. On the bus, we spent most of the time sleeping instead.

When we arrived at Taichung, we went for ice cream and then made our way to eat pig trotter glass noodle. Then we went to the nearby street market and bought some food to eat. where my colleagues were busy hunting for stinky tofu. That thing smell like sewage but they loved it.

For me, I ate the following the Pig Blood Cake. Basically, it’s glutinous rice soak in Pig’s Blood. I would say the food is pretty bland. Then I also had some Hong Kong Ice Tea.

Here I conclude my journal for today.