Daily Journal – Apr 18, 2017

Tuesday and it’s work day. First order of business was to try out a solution suggested by the CA Support on how to enable or disable Exchange Mailbox protocols through the Identity Manager.

Then I also check with my manager on the draft email that he updated for me to clarify on some things. For this specific item, we actually went back and forth until we got a final draft and sent it out to the customer. During the process, I actually had to go dig out the functional specifications and user requirement specification to determine what was said and signed off to ensure we are on the right track. There were cases where we found that we were shooting at ourselves had to quickly rephrase our email responses. I would say it’s a unique experience. Side note, my manager is actually not Singapore but rather still in Taiwan. He’s there for a week with his wife. And he will only be back next Tuesday.

Also, the customer’s Active Directory Application Owner got back to me that he got the files, and will perform update of the password sync agent before he will let me know when to do the test.

Later in the day, I synced up with my colleague, who was the lead for another project. I’m involved in it for a specific area and I had to ensure that I know whats is missing, what’s going on and what needs to be done.

During the sync up, in all honesty, my years of working experience doesn’t seem to improve my decision making, ability to think of business operations, see the world the customer do, etc. I’m still thinking like a bloody, fresh graduate programmer who is perpetually stuck in silo mode. I really need to change that aspect. I feel like I should have come to this stage last year.

Then I went to update the document for Kong on how to do clustering. There are more that needs to be done and I should focus on that tomorrow.

After work, I went to eat dinner with my friend and catch Fast and Furious 8. I only managed to reached home at around 2240. After a shower, I’m already behind schedule on my journal.

Here I conclude my journal for today.