Daily Journal – Apr 20, 2017

It’s Thursday and this is my 33rd journal.

So what did I do today?

I arranged for a password synchronization agent test with the customer. It was scheduled for 2.30pm.

Then I went on to finalize the installation guide for Kong and got my colleague to vet through. I went for an early lunch.

I made my way to the International Business Park at around 1.30pm and reached the customer’s office at around 1.45pm.

So I sat at the lobby and chill a bit before I called the customer’s manager and got her to fetch me up.

Once I’m there, I got down to work and quickly finish the testing. All five test cases were cleared in half an hour or so. Then I went on to update the necessary documents.

I got pulled into discussion with various people but I tried my best to deflect because there are a lot of things that I can’t make a decision on.

I made my way back to office at around 3.30 and continued to update my task list and documents.

My colleague gave me feedback on the guide and so I went to fix them. At around 6.20 or so, I made my way home.

Throughout the day, I got a runny nose caused by some kind of inflammation at the back of my throat. I hope it clears up tomorrow.

Here I conclude my journal for today.