Daily Journal – Apr 24, 2017

This is my 36th journal.

Today is the first day of the week and I have a training session for the CA Identity Portal that took the whole day.

However, during my work, implementing the CA Identity Manager/Portal solution for my customer, I have already been exposed to quite a fair bit of the portal. I know my way around it. In fact, there were some things that I discovered independently as a result of trying to solve business problems.

Since I already knew quite a fair bit, in order to maximize my time, I was actually doing some other things like preparing the Kong Administration Guide and also surfing the net.

Yesterday, my fitbit Charge HR decided to just die on me. It was just a few days shy of it being one year old. Anyway, I already have the intention to replace it with something I feel is better. And that is Apple Watch.

I always wanted the Nike Apple Watch with the Black/Green strap. So today’s net surfing was actually me checking out some stuff about Apple Watch and also trying to decide if I want to use Apple Pay going forward. I also intended to use the apple watch to do auto-unlock of my MacBook.

So after the training session, uploaded the draft guide to the company’s NAS, I made my way to Jurong Point, had a quick bite and then bought the watch.

Upon reaching home, had a quick shower and started setting up. Enabled Apple Pay with my debit card. And then I had to make some changes to my Apple ID’s authentication method. Now I’m just waiting for my Apple Watch to update to watchOS 3.2.

Here I conclude my journal for today.