Daily Journal – Apr 25, 2017

This is my 37th journal.

Today was the second day of CA training for the Identity Portal. However, as I mentioned in my journal yesterday, I already had some experience with the Identity Portal, therefore when I went to do the remaining lab sessions, I was able to finish them quickly. By lunch, I was already done with all the lab sessions.

So I spend the remaining time tinkering with my Apple Watch, trying to get the Auto Unlock to work but couldn’t. I also went to finish up on the Kong Administration Guide.

At about 6.30, I went on to follow up on some emails before leaving office to have my first dinner.

Then I went to get some probiotics before making my way home. That’s when I have my second round of dinner.

Watched the last episode of 24 Legacy and various YouTube Videos.

My mom also just came back from Japan with a whole bunch of goods bought. It’s just insane with the amount of things she bought.

Well, it’s time I call it a night too.

Here I conclude my journal for today.