Daily Journal – Apr 28, 2017

This is my 40th journal. 
Today is another day of CA training for Identity Governance. Because I have never done any proper implementation with the Identity Governance, the training course was a little hard to follow. The way I learn new things is be applying it to situation and then draw lessons from there. Pure theory or even combined with labs doesn’t really boost my understanding but it’s a start.
Either way, later at night, I met up with my friends to watch Fast and Furious 8 again. I had previously watched it last week with another friend.
Before the movie, my friends and I went to have dinner and did some shopping. I bought a sweat pants, some undergarments as well as a plain T-shirt from Uniqlo. Generally, now, I prefer buying things from Uniqlo because they are decently priced and have a wide variety. The quality are also of acceptable standards.
It’s getting late now. So…
Here I conclude my journal for today.