Daily Journal – May 1, 2017

This is my 41st journal.

Today is Labour Day, which itself is a public holiday.

So what did I do today?

I spent most much of the day doing code refactoring for my side project. The refactoring was for the brokerage calculation module. Thus far, all I can say is that it requires maybe a 1 man-week (8hr per day) to even finish the whole refactoring.

Along the way, I went and watch several youtube videos, watch The Blacklist.

I also went out for lunch and bought several items. Some of them are for my company, which I shall be claiming the expense.

As of April 30th, I started the process of scanning/capturing majority of the receipts for purchases that I made thus far in a bid to digitize them for future reference. I have also been downloading all my e-statements for my bank account, credit/debit cards, etc., for archival purposes.

I shall also be starting a project of building a proper archival system (a two-bay Synology NAS shall now server as a temporary solution) so that I can store all the digitize receipts and statements there. I intend to let my family members use it too to digitize their statements and receipts but encryption and privacy shall come into play also. I don’t want to nor I want others to be prying into these sensitive documents. So dedicated user accounts and assigned storage folders with encryption will be used.

I am temporary stopping my refactoring work as I got to go to work tomorrow and need to sleep early.

Here I conclude my journal for today.