Daily Journal – May 2, 2017

This is my 42nd journal.

First workday for the month of May and today consist of finishing various tasks related to the Identity Management project and the API gateway based on Kong.

A new guy also just joined us today whose primarily role was to build user interfaces and reports for various projects.

First order of business was me preparing the timesheet for the month of April and submit it to management.

Then, I went about to prepare questions to ask the application owner related to an upcoming change request. After which, it was a call with the customer and we asked the person the questions we prepared. Later, in the day, my colleague raised a point where we forgot to ask something. That was when I realized I repeated the same mistakes again of not clarifying with my colleague before the phone call. I keep faulting this and will waste a lot of time. So damn me.

Anyway, later, I presented on my rough drawing of the administration portal for Kong to the new guy and my colleagues. I would say, I didn’t do quite a good job because there are some things that I can’t seem to explain well. Part of it is because, I don’t know certain things and didn’t spend the effort to study more. So damn me again!

After that, it was me gathering more information and my colleague sent me more documentations so that I can prepare a proper developer guide for a Mobile Gateway that we have which will be sitting behind Kong.

At around 1830, I left office and made my way home. Once home, had dinner and got down to do some work. Well, intended to do some work but ended up I’m watching youtube videos. So not productive at all.

With that, I think I better get back to what I want to do and that is refactoring the codes that I was working on yesterday.

Here I conclude my journal for today.