Daily Journal – May 3, 2017

This is my 43rd journal.

For today, it was mostly me finishing the developer guide for the mobile gateway.

I also worked on sending email to clarify on some points for one of the application. Then I went to work on the change request, deriving the man-days needed to do the changes. The person involved called me to clarify on somethings and we went back and forth on some stuff.

I also prepared a simple guide to let my manager help me collect logs necessary for one of the support case with CA.

I also went to review my Trello account and found that there were some stuff which I hadn’t done. So I went to do them, committing the documents to the company Gitlab.

These few days, I noticed that my comprehension or my thinking process is kind of still in a messy state. I’m all over the place. I seriously need to work on that. Also, my confidence level is still very low with regard to certain things and I tend to defer to my seniors to get it done. It’s bad and that needs to stop.

I left office early today at around 1815pm. Lately, I have been putting quite a bit of weight and it was because I hadn’t been active. I started out climbing stairs again to help burn off some calories.

So after writing this journal, I shall go back and do my code refactoring.

Here I conclude my journal for today.