Daily Journal – May 5, 2017

This is my 45th journal.

Today was supposed to be another lull day until I was reminded that there are things that I should be doing. Lull period should always be about thinking about what needs to be done next to ensure that projects are completed or pushed to completion.

And so one of it was about closing a particular issue. It was my fault for not following up on it.

So I went to prepare the necessary documentation and after a few rounds of review before it was in a good shape. During the rounds of review, it was pointed out that I’m super inconsistent. It is as though I’m super careless or have a half-fuck attitude. That needs to be worked on and it’s one of my glaring flaws.

Then there was another issue relating to other documents that I have prepared. I’m extremely not-concise or not preparing the documents as per my target audience. I always fall back to this extremely bad habit of writing extremely long content or tend to rant on and on. That has to end fast because it waste time and achieve nothing.

I know I write short stories or novels but this is not the time to be applying that. Beside my grammar is shit. My thinking process is shit. Ranting on and on is pointless. So Laydon, stop it!

With that, I left office for home. Had dinner and catch up on some shows: Arrow, The Blacklist. With that, tomorrow, I should be focusing on working on my code refactoring for my client.

Here I conclude my journal for today.