Daily Journal – May 11, 2017

This is my 49th journal.

This morning I found myself involved in preparing a simple demo and reviewing it for a meeting later in the afternoon.

Then, I went on to work on building the backend services for the API Management Portal. I successfully made one of the function work and I have ten more to go. I seriously hope that I can finish all of it by next Tuesday and have it properly integrated. I don’t want it to take longer than the originally planned number of days and that is 11.5. I would like to meet the target of 8 days or less. That means that I shall work day and night to achieve that.

As it approached lunch, I synced up with my manager on what I want to present later during the meeting and had some light discussion to ensure we are on the same page.

Then we went for lunch and after we came back, I spent some 10 to 15 minutes to follow up on my other colleague’s work on the API Management Portal frontend. I wanted to give him a deadline of tomorrow but after chatting more, I allow it to be extended to Tuesday. But still, it doesn’t change anything. My backend services still has to be up. The parameters and the values should also be defined properly.

Then at around 1510, my manager and I made our way to the customer’s place for the meeting at 1530. We talked about the SIT and thrashed out some of the hanging questions.

Then we continued on with the main agenda of the meeting and that was to gather more information for the change request.

I left the place after syncing up with my manager at around 1830. After I made my way home, I put my things down and went on with my routine before I continued working again. Part of it was preparing the meeting notes so that we can discuss tomorrow. Another thing that I need to do is to prepare the breakdown of the tasks to fulfill the objective of the change request for two of the use cases.

I also went on to finish up the implementation for three more functions for the backend service before I went on to write this journal. I shall prepare the breakdown first thing in the morning. Well, I actually did prepared something already. Just need to finalize the last few numbers and details.

Here I conclude my journal for today.