Daily Journal – May 14, 2017

This is my 51st journal.

Today, I spent most of my morning working on the backend portion of the API Management Portal, focusing on the Servlets. At the same time, I was watching some youtube videos and attempting to clear away some of the rust that had developed when it comes to web application development.

At around 1400, I had a quick shower and waited for my sisters and mom to get ready before we made our way to Jurong Point where we had our lunch. We walked around for a bit and I bought some drinks from Starbucks for my mom, sister and me. As usual, I had a Venti-sized Cold Brew.

Then we made our way to the supermarket, NTUC Fairprice. Later, we made our way to Harvey Norman because I wanted to get a scanner. However, we end up getting the Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier. Spent quite a fair amount of time setting it up at home. I also end up powering up my MacBook again and continued working.

One major thing that happened during my work was that I accidentally deleted the whole package in my java project which contained all my work that I did for the morning. I was like “damn!”. Anyway, I was lucky that I didn’t do much during the evening and I made a backup to my portable SSD earlier on. So I copied back what I had from the drive and continued from there.

Subsequently, I had dinner and then went on to integrate the application. So far, I only manage to integrate just one specific function. And it looks like I’m in so much trouble. Once I’m done with this journal, I’m going back to finish up the database portion. I’m supposed to be implementing those by tonight.

Here I conclude my journal for today.