Daily Journal – May 19, 2017

This is my 56th journal.

My boss, manager and some of my colleagues aren’t in office. For the past few days, they were in Thailand for a demo. So the office only consist of just the 5 of us new guys – I still consider myself new as I haven’t really take on any major maintenance roles or progress into doing true managerial stuff.

Today, it was mostly me trying out stuff for ForgeRock OpenIDM. One of my task was to setup the HA with reverse proxy. I spent nearly one day to set it up and had to consult some of my colleagues for help. I finally manage to get the basic version up and running.

Then I was also helping my colleague with the frontend development. During the development, there were some bugs found with my backend services that I had to fix before it can continue.

On a personal level, I had accumulated a massive sleep debt of about 8 hours and had to keep drinking coffee. Two cups worth just to even stay awake and think properly. And this actually test my patience with my colleague also as I need to be there nearly most of the time to guide him along.

Then later in the afternoon, one of my colleagues had a massive stomachache. That was after lunch. He went to toilet several times and at around 1750, the pain was so bad that he almost fainted in the toilet. So an ambulance was called later.

After he went with the ambulance, I packed up my things and made my way to NUH to check up on him and find out if he needs to be warded. After going through check up, turns out he’s fine. Then I made my way home.

Now with my sleep debt, I’m just gonna rest and sleep early tonight.

Here I conclude my journal for today.