Daily Journal – May 29, 2017

This is my 64th journal.

Today is another day where I got scolded…more like harshly reminded…about the 5% extra effort by my boss. Again, he’s been using the idea from the book “Making Small Changes 5% More To Achieve Extraordinarily Results”, which I briefly mentioned about in my last journal.

My boss was asking for the finalized developer guide. I sent him the one I did a few weeks ago and I was under the impression that what I had done was good enough until my boss told me otherwise. Wrong versioning, unnecessary content, and asking the wrong kind of question.

Well, all I can say is that I’m burnt out from all these. I’m trying my best to learn from my mistakes but because they happened so often these days and in turn I received more scolding…it reached a point where I don’t feel happy working anymore. Of course, there is the perspective change. Looking from another perspective, my boss is trying to push me into a leadership role and to take on more responsibility. It is important from personal development perspective. It’s all about becoming a better person that has value to the organization or any other companies that I decided to join. This will also allow me to command a higher salary. Somewhere deep down, there is this feeling of, ”Hmm… not that I’m particularly interested in being a manager or a leader actually”. But let’s see how it goes.

Anyway, back to the developer guide. I spent nearly the whole day trying to perfect it, which again is unnecessary because I should be faster. I should already know what is required and what’s not. Anyway, I finally sent out the guide to my boss at around 6.30pm after a heart-to-heart talk with my manager. We shared mostly about how I have been doing and how I find everything so far. We also talked about the problems and issues faced by me. Well…so far so good. My boss did email me back saying the guide looks good.

So I left office at around 7.30 and reached home at around 8.25pm. I went to the nearby Watsons to get some drugs for gastric issues. Since last year, I developed an increasingly gassy gut and the general feeling of hunger. I hadn’t gone and see the doctor for it yet. Since I will be taking a day off this coming Thursday, I’m thinking maybe I should use the chance to see a doctor about it.

For the remaining time until my bed time at 11.30pm, I shall proceed to do some writing for my novel. I started a new writing project earlier this year but hadn’t been dilligent enough.

Here I conclude my journal for today.