Daily Journal – Jun 1, 2017

This is my 67th journal.

I took the day off from work today. I went to see a doctor at the Jurong Polyclinic for two reason: Gastric issues and psychological issues. I need help now and so I went to get it.

After getting the necessary appointment and referral, I made my way to Jurong Point to have my brunch.

Oh, before I forget, I actually dropped my one month old Apple Watch on the floor. I was exhausted and my hands were slippery. So I couldn’t catch it just in time as it slipped off while I was trying to fasten it. So now there is now a dent at one spot of the body and the dial suffered some minor chipping. It pissed me off so much that I actually wanted to get a brand new one. I just can’t stand the fact that my devices suffer any damage. That’s why I always get the necessary protection like casing, covers, etc. the first chance I have. I like my devices in a mint condition. I could only blame myself for not getting the necessary protection first thing I got the watch. It completely slipped my mind because of work. Got so busy—by my standard—that I didn’t have time to shop for it.

So all I could do next was to get protective casing and tempered glass to prevent further damage. Which is the first thing I did after I finish my session at the doctor. I guess I could only attempt to hide the damage.

If anyone wants to buy this Apple Watch (Nike ) with the Neon Green/Black Strap from me, I’m willing to sell at 70% of price I got the watch. That translate to SG$449. I bought Apple Care for it and will transfer the Apple Care to you at no additional cost. Just that you got to live with that dent and the minor chipping. Do drop me a comment with your contact information if you do want the watch. I shall be buying a new watch using the money from the sale. Otherwise, I will just continue to use it.

I’m still feeling exhausted and so that’s all.

Here I conclude my journal for today.