Daily Journal – Jun 8, 2017

This is my 72nd journal.

For work today, I went to the customer’s site in Paya Lebar to implement a Change Request.

I also had a sharing session with my manager on what’s the better route for me. It’s either I keep forcing myself to do consultant stuff until a point where my health suffer or do something I’m not comfortable in and that’s technical stuff.

Well, like I mentioned previously, I have already decided and is perfectly fine with doing just technical work. I’m not expecting a higher pay or anything. All I care about now is being happy at work and not constantly suffering from burn outs and boredom. If I really need the money, then its up to me to source from other places (e.g. build up passive income) or work harder and be a consultant. I’m also ok with the fact that someone younger than me is able to be the consultant and lead.

For tomorrow, it will be just me at the customer’s site to finish up the implementation and testing. And currently with me still suffering from moderate depression, the “loneliness” may not be a good thing but we will see how it goes.

And oh, some light hearted news. I recently bought an Ogon Designs aluminum wallet and that it will be delivered by tomorrow. I put my office address as the primary one. I just hope someone is there to help me sign for it. If not, I guess I will have to ship it to my house. I think I better go put an alternative address just in case.

Well, I got nothing else to write for today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.