Daily Journal – Jun 9, 2017

This is my 73rd journal.

I shall keep this concise.

Went to customer site to do work. Met an ex-colleague along the way. Got a call from a company which I interviewed with. Rejected the offer because I managed to work something out and wanted to see how it turns out. Giving up now means wasted effort. Still doesn’t resolve depression.

Spent 7 hours at the site to do the Change Request. Hit some snag. Depressive thoughts took over. Went for lunch. Overcame problem. Depressive thoughts last throughout the rest of the day.

Ogon Design’s Stockholm v2 Wallet arrived in office. Happy but short term. Colleague signed for it. Another colleague handed to me at Bishan. Went home.

Tried to pack cards and cash in. Cash packing failed. Pissed off at Singapore government. Dollars too fat and big. Gave up. More depression. Used a temporary pouch to hold cash.

Don’t feel like going back to work at all…

Here I conclude my journal for today.