Ogon Designs’s Stockholm V2 Smart Wallet Review

My original leather-based wallet was falling apart after one year.

So last Sunday, which is the 4th of June 2017, I decided that it was time for me to get a new one. This time, I wanted a more minimalistic, hard wallet. In a leather wallet, my cards tend to end up bent, which I dislike. In addition, with the increased use of contactless cards, preventing RFID scanning is important. I don’t want the possibility of having money deducted from my card without me knowing, although in Singapore, it is pretty safe.

But it does pay to be safe than sorry.

I went looking around online and found a company, Ogon Designs, which makes aluminium wallets. After browsing their catalogue, I found what I want and took an immediate liking to the Stockholm V2 Smart Wallet.

According to the company, the wallet itself is designed and made in France, which I thought is interesting, especially the latter. Most products these days are made in China and tend to be of a lower quality. Generally, I would prefer products that are made in their country of origin or in countries where the culture is such that the people is attentive to details and perfection. So without considering further, I ordered it from the website. It cost me about SG$137 and that included the DHL Express shipping fee.

The wallet arrived in Singapore on Friday, 9 June 2017, in a small brown box. Opening up the box revealed the wallet itself sitting in the middle of bubble wrap and white foam.

Here you can see the wallet itself encased in a clear case wrapped in plastic. I supposed the plastic case is to protect the aluminium body from scratches and dents.

Once you take the wallet out, it felt solid and compact in your hands. I love the black finish with the grooves along the front and back. The wallet is small enough that it actually fit in the palm of my hand. For an aluminium wallet, it felt light too, comparable to the leather wallet that I used.

Opening up the wallet revealed a small booklet with the OGON title in one of the slot. The interior was well-made and didn’t felt cheap in any sense.

Once you take the booklet out, you can see the wallet allows you to put up to six cards, which is fine by me as I don’t really have that many cards.

Although the wallet allows you to put cash in it, it wasn’t very feasible, especially in Singapore due to the use of polymer banknotes. It’s hard to fold those notes and if you have a lot of those, you will have a hard time closing the wallet. However, with Singapore moving towards being a cashless society, I supposed it is fine for me. Besides, I also rely more on my cards to make payment. Cash are only used at food stores in Singapore which still rely heavily on cash. Side Note: I’m personally not very happy with that.

But if you do need a bigger wallet to hold your cash and cards, then I suggest you get the Big Stockholm Wallet.

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