Daily Journal – Jun 15, 2017

This is my 78th journal.

I will keep this concise.

Went to see the doctor again for psychological review in the morning and determine my suitability for medication. Got referred to NUH for further analysis. Suspected bipolar disorder. No drugs given.

Gastric issue came up. Suspect something else as Antacid don’t do anything for me. Could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Gave me meds for that. Pending Endoscope session.

Went to work, meeting my colleague at customer’s office. Waited for his meeting with customer to finish. Met with the customer’s PM and went up. Started looking at preparing a demo to show the user our idea of how to configure the Identity manager for their application.

Went for lunch.

Came back, had free coffee. Met the user. Discussed through. Realized more issues. Discussed further with colleague. Continued to develop the example. Call user back. Showed them the updated example. They are ok with it despite some additional comment.

Left customer’s office at around 5.45. Made it home. Showered. Dinner. Updated the SIT test plan and relevant documents. Uploaded it to company cloud storage.

During the day, a friend contacted me and we started chatting. It’s been nearly two years since we last met each other? Told her that I want to learn photography from her. Her advice is simple. Lighting. So time to start learning.

That’s all.

Here I conclude my journal for today.