Daily Journal – Jun 18, 2017

This is my 80th journal.

Earlier this year (or was it late last year, I can’t remember), I once told my friends that I want to try to live as a minimalist. First off, the goal was to buy clothes for Chinese New Year that consist of only a few colors. I thought about buying multiple pieces of clothes of the same color but it was too much for me back then.

Subsequently, in the intervening months, I added more things to my life again. More gadgets. More games. More clothes. Now my room looks like that of a hoarder. Then yesterday, watching a few more videos than I should on minimalist lifestyle, it triggered something in me that reminded me again how I have actually felt about my life in the recent months. A complete mess with too much distractions.

I restarted the path to being a minimalist by getting the Smart Wallet where I carry only the necessary cards and bare minimum cash. So far, it’s good.

Then yesterday, I decided to cut down on the clutter in my room. For a start, I’m throwing out or removing majority of my old PC video games that I no longer play or have the time to. Playstation 2 games and GameCube too. I did all that in the morning. Next up would be to get rid of my Playstation 3, Xbox 360 consoles and their games. All I need is just one Playstation 4 and a couple of games.

In terms of PC gaming, I am already thinking of shrinking the physical size for compactness. A M-ATX setup with GTX 1080, wireless keyboard and mouse should be good enough for me.

Going forward, there are additional steps that I will be taking to embrace minimalism.

1. My existing wardrobe will be dismantled and the wall will be taken up by wall-mounted television which will serve also as the screen for my desktop, with shelvings at the bottom to hold my PC, the game console, and Apple TV.

2. The current area where I got two desks will be reduced to just one very simple and small desk that is big enough for my current 27 inch Dell monitor, a, WIFI router, my MacBook Pro (going 15 inch soon), and enough area for mouse and keyboard. The desk will be rotated such that I will be in a command position with the window to my right when I sit down.

3. In terms of casual outfit, I have gotten more in plain colors. Sweat pants are now part of my outfit. I will be getting rid my existing flannels and other cartoonish clothes. For the slightly more formal (Smart Casual and Business) outfit, I will be getting them too in simple and plain colors.

4. For documents, receipts and whatnots shall be digitized whenever possible. They will be backed up in multiple areas including on-premise. Meaning, I will be getting a much larger NAS with more storage space.

5. Clearing out unnecessary boxes from the electronics and gadgets that I bought or find a use for them in some other ways.

So do keep checking back and see my progress in adopting minimalism.

Here I conclude my journal for today.