Daily Journal – Jul 31, 2017

This is my 116th journal.

I think waking up at 1030hrs every morning and sleeping at 0100hrs is part of my daily routine now.

I actually wonder if my sleeping schedule is like that because I’m a night owl. And work, more precisely full-time work, forces me to be a morning person. If that’s the case, then maybe I shouldn’t go back to full time work and let my body decide what’s the ideal time that I should be sleeping or working.

Had instant oatmeal and two slices of bread magazine spread. Then I went about to get some more old letters to feed to the shredder. While I was doing that, my mom prepared some fried scrambled eggs, luncheon meat, and sausages. Then she went to make two sandwiches stuffed with those ingredients and some vegetables. Was totally full at the end of that.

After that, I went to get a shower to prepared to go out to my client office. Flossed, brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash. Donned on a plain, blue-colored t-shirt, light-grey sweat pants, and sneakers and out I went with my backpack containing my MacBook, the various accessories.

Arrived at the client’s office at around 1330hrs after I got the venti-sized Cold Brew from StarBucks.

Waited for the manager to come back from her gym session and then we had a quick discussion…more of a sync up… to understand and recap what we discussed previously for some of the bug fixes and enhancements.

At around 1600hrs, I started the actual process of writing the required codes to deliver one of the enhancements.

I left the place at around 1830hrs and boarded a pretty crowded train from Raffles MRT Station.

Reached home at around 1930hrs, had a shower and got settled down at home.

After dinner, I got started to continue from where I left off earlier on. I finished writing the code at around 2205hrs but decided not to test it. Instead, I went to watch episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 7. Will continue with the work tomorrow.

Freelancing Work

Before I forget, if anyone would like to get in contact with me to do custom application or software development on a freelance-basis, do drop me your contact information in the comments. I do monitor my comments.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 30, 2017

This is my 115th journal.

Woke up at around 1030hrs as usual and went about my morning routine.

I actually spent most of today playing Cities: Skylines until the point where I don’t feel like playing it anymore. LOL. Bored or burnt out from playing the game? Anyway, I was having problems with the traffic and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

Also went for a 5km run to counteract my lack of activity today. My legs are still hurting. Time to get a new pair of running shoes. After the run, I went to get a waffle with red bean paste.

Spent the night watching Dark Matter season 3 and Killjoy season 2 and then switch to watching some YouTube video.

Tomorrow I shall go to my client’s office to do some work.

Before I end the journal, you guys probably know that I’m on the path to minimalism and here is a video of an interview with Joshua Fields Millburn that I think would be good for those who like to join me on this minimalist journey.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 29, 2017

This is my 114th journal.

0930hrs. I’m awake and went about my morning business.

Played a couple hours of Cities: Skylines.

Met my friend for lunch, accompanied him to check if his tailored shirts and pants are ready. Then we went to Sim Lim Square to do window shopping.

We also went to Bugis + because I got a craving for ice cream. Upon reaching there, the Gelare store was packed. So gave up. We made our way to the Challenger flagship store to look at drones.

Found myself liking the Mavic Pro drone. It looked pretty slick. But the cost is rather prohibitive. I shall wait until I start my new job before buying.

Then we made our way home.

I went Starbucks and got a venti-sized Ice Americano before walking home.

By now, my legs are hurting badly and I’m limping. I think I inured myself during the 10km run and I didn’t really do any stretching.

Upon reaching home, I decided to play cities skylines again. But this time I was attempting to recover from the mistakes I made with regards to the traffic. However, no matter what I do, my population keep dropping, my tax income keep dropping and majority of my commercial centers and factories couldn’t get material.

I gave up playing at around 2345hrs and got down to write this journal. After publishing the journal, I will call it a night.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 28, 2017

This is my 113rd journal.

Was already awake at around 0745hrs but decided to continue to remain in bed until the alarm went off at 0800hrs.

Had my breakfast, consisting of instant oatmeal and instant noodles with sesame oil broth and egg.

Made my way to my client’s office at Raffles Place from home at 0930hrs. Reached the office at around 1015hrs after getting Venti-sized Cold Brew and turkey ham with egg and cheddar sandwich.

Reached client’s office at 1025hrs, settled down and got to work. Fixed more bugs and uploaded the executable to the FTP. Also met with the company’s Managing Director and the Financial Controller and had a quick chat.

Decided to have lunch at 1320hrs. Walked around to look for a restaurant to eat at One Raffles Place. Couldn’t find any. The lunch crowd is just insane. Decided to have my lunch to go. Ordered Kaisen Donburi to go and went back to my client’s office.

Ate my lunch in the office, did some light reading online, and chat with my friends.

Waited for the manager to come back and I deployed the application one more time after finding more bugs and fixing it on the spot.

And why are there so many bugs? My work lacks the quality because of my lack of attention to details. The reason is very simple. I became convinced that even when I tried to give a fuck, management don’t recognize my effort. Well, this mindset is wrong. I need to change it back to what I had all along. Focus on quality delivery, even if I have to spend more time or effort to do so.

Later at around 1730hrs, I left the client office and made my way to Redhill via the MRT. I was meeting my former colleagues at the Tsubame Ramen which I talked about in my previous entry in June of 2017.

So today, the ramen’s standard dropped in terms of broth, meat and the noodles. The Shoyu broth lacks the saltiness as compared to what I ate the first time round. Shoyu means Soy Sauce and Soy Sauce are salty. The braised pork lack the required taste and contained quite a fair bit of bones. The noodles were softer than usual. However, for $6, I can’t ask too much. So this time around, the score is 3 out of 5 stars.

We chatted for a bit and had some desert. I was thirsty as fuck and so I ordered more drinks. We left the place at around 2130 hrs and I took the train home from Harbourfront MRT station. On the train, I caught up on some of the videos from some channels that I followed recently. Reached home at around 2315hrs to finish off this journal.

Prepared a drink with Redoxon Triple Action.

I have been taking their Double Action tablets for quite some time now. If I remember correctly, since I was 15. Double action means each tablet contains both Zinc and Vitamin C. I took the tablets to combat my acne back then. Partially to help speed up the healing process. Also I don’t like to eat fruits or vegetables. So that was the only way I can ensure my Vitamin C levels are ok.

When I got adult acne outbreaks around 25, I was expecting that it will help with the healing process but it didn’t. I suspect it was because my adult acne was primarily nodular acnes. It was six months before I went through a course of antibiotics to get them under control but it was too late. The acnes are mostly gone but in their place I got acne scars in places where the skin was perfectly smooth. I hate it.

Yes, who say guys don’t need to care about their looks. Those who have good looks naturally says that or their masculine ego is so big that they didn’t dare to acknowledge that.

Now I’m looking for decently priced acne scar treatment program. So if anyone got any suggestion, let me know via the comments.

I will get a shower after I publish this journal. That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 27, 2017

This is my 112th journal.

Woke up at 1030hrs as usual.

After my morning routine, I set down to start clearing out some old letters and documents related to old subscriptions and enrollment to NTU that were in my drawer. I also went to do some filling up of the credit card statements that I got for the last three years. This is part of a series of micro-steps towards minimalism.

Then I paid some bills online.

Had my lunch at around 1340hrs and watched the last episode of Daredevil Season 2 and second episode of Shooter season 2. Before I knew it, it was already 1500hrs.

At 1652hrs, I decided to go for a 10.30 km run.

Went for a 10.30 km run/jog/walk at around 1733hrs and finished it at around 1855hrs. Along the way, my legs hurt like hell and I was completely breathless and thirsty as fuck. I had to stop halfway to get a bottle of water and drank it. In some way, it’s a bad call cause I over drank and the bottle was too heavy. Anyway, my body didn’t feel right. I guess it’s because my body hasn’t recover from the 5 km maintenance run that I did on Tuesday. So for the last 1 km, I walked all the way.

Now, my ankles and knees are hurting like mad. I only have myself to blame for wearing the pair of shoes that wasn’t meant for my flat-feet.

In the meantime, over the past few days, I have been checking my bank account in an obsessive-compulsive manner. That’s my neuroticism rearing its ugly head. As you know, I quitted my job and served out the notice period. However, I have concerns that the company may not pay me on time. Or worse, don’t pay me.

Salary non-payment is an offense under the employment act. That aside, I do have at least three months worth of savings and that I will be doing some light part-time work next month. However, my other plans still hinges on that salary. There’s just two more working days left in this month, so I guess we shall see.

Anyway, I recently decided to embark on the hobby of flying drones. I signed up for a drone piloting course provided by SkillsHQ and I intend to get my own drone. However, I went and checked the CAAS website for restricted areas and this is what I got.


There just isn’t a lot of places where you can fly a drone without a permit for recreational purpose. So I guess I will need to go overseas and fly the drone if I get one. I think maybe Taiwan or Australia is a good place to do that.

Later at night, had my dinner at around 2020hrs. After that, I watched Planet of the Apps episode 7 on Apple Music from my MacBook. I know there were lots of criticism of the show and that to some it is a disgrace to other reality show. But then, I’m watching it for fun with no specific expectation or criticism.

I also got an email from my client in the evening about some bugs that were found with the application that I built for them. So I will be fixing them tomorrow…maybe later tonight. I will also be paying a visit to their office tomorrow morning.

So I decided to fix the bugs raised by my client. I’m officially done at 2255 hrs, committed and push the codes to my Bitbucket account. I will release the executable (it’s a desktop-based thick client built using Java Swing) tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 26, 2017

This is my 111st journal.

Slept at 0200hrs and woke up around 1030hrs. Went through the morning routine, has breakfast and decided to play a few hours of Cities:Skylines.

Previously I mentioned something about my city was having severe traffic issue and that the commercial zones are not getting the goods from the factories. I managed to fix it by adding more six-lane road linking the commercial zones with the factories and converting two-directional roads into one one-directional. This force the traffic to move in certain direction, therefore optimising the routes.

My city was also suffering from massive deficits in terms of tax to expenses. So I raised the taxes for all zones to 11%. Now with the commercial zone mostly getting their goods and higher tax, my city treasury now is adding money instead of bleeding money. I will continue to tweak my city to improve things and maybe experiment with some stuff.

I have also grew my city in size by adding more residential, commercial, and office zones. You can see the screenshots showing the difference. Although they are taken from different perspective, if you looked close enough, you can see what’s different.

This is a before screenshot.

This is the after screenshot.

Later in the afternoon, I went for the appointment with the hospital for psychology review. It was to determine if I was indeed suffering from bipolar disorder. The conclusion was that I wasn’t suffering from bipolar. Good thing. Now I just need to work with my psychiatrist on the depression and monitor my mood swings until the next review in three months time.

Later in the evening, I met with my friend for a movie, War for the Planet of the Apes. Before that, we had dinner at Sushi Tei. I can’t say the same for my friend but for me, it has been quite a while since I last ate there. Upon walking in, I noticed that there were iPads for diners to make and confirm their orders. That itself is a good thing. It helps save time and definitely make everything more convenient rather than waiting for the staff to take order.

As for the movie itself, I will give a quick review and will try not spoil the movie for you. I found it quite watchable but not to the point where I would re-watch it. There was a decent amount of action scene, character building, and some emotional scene. The movie ended with a bang followed by a decently happy ending. I give the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

After that, my friend and I made our way home.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 25, 2017

This is my 110th journal.

Woke up around 1000hrs after going to bed at around 0300hrs. Spent the late night, early morning watching Zoo (TV Series).

Lazed around in bed until 1038hrs before getting up. Brushed my teeth and then had a cup of water with a probiotic from Nordic Naturals.

Earlier this month, I bought the Nordic Flora Probiotic Comfort. I decided to buy it after I went through the ingredient list.

So some history on why I took probiotics. Earlier this year, I did some online research of how probiotic could help with my mood and cognitive ability. And so I went to try it. So far, I think the probiotic did help a little bit with my mood swings.

After watching a couple of TV shows, I went to take an afternoon nap from 1430hrs to 1600hrs. Now I’m just thinking whether I want to go out for a quick jog, well, to counteract my lack of activity today.

So I went for a maintenance run/jog of 5 km. Came back and had a long shower. Then proceed to fill up some security clearance form required by my new employer and completed it.

I have noticed that for the past few days, I really didn’t have the motivation to do anything else but just sleeping and being lazy. And I don’t mind going out with friends and if I could I would have stayed out all day. I know I’m supposed to be active and be doing something productive but I’m just not feeling it.

Spent the evening watching Daredevil season 2 and had dinner which consists of fried rice vermicelli noodles, fried squid fillet, seaweed chicken and breaded fried prawns.

That’s all for today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 24, 2017

This is my 109th journal.

For this journal, I will be consolidating what went on in my life yesterday and today.

Jul 23, 2017

In the morning, I spent some time to attempt to fill the security clearance form for my new employment. However, the system required two working days before the form that I filled in previously is retrieved from the intranet. With that, I emailed the HR person from the new company requesting for extension.

Then I went to watch some tv series and played Cities: Skylines again. This time, I think I messed up again and didn’t take correct advantage of the game rules. Now I am having traffic jams everywhere and that the commercial zones aren’t getting their goods in time. I think I will need to spend some time again to fix all that. In addition, I wasn’t able to grow my in-game treasury beyond 13.5 million dollars. Now it’s actually being reduced due to deficits. I need to increase my taxes or reduce the amount of services.

Later in the evening, I went to meet up with a friend of mine for dinner and a drinking session. For dinner, I chose Mexican and went to do a simple googling. Found Super Loco and so we went there.

We ordered chicken wings and as soon as we took a bite, we were surprised at just how good it tasted. For $15, it’s definitely worth it.

Then we also ordered suckling pig. Well, I quite like the dish but for my friend, he disliked it. According to him, the meat was poorly prepared.

After that, we went to a bar call The Fine Line located at Holland Village for a drink. We ordered a tower of Erdinger and managed to finish it. Then came another pint, again we finished it.

We also ordered truffle fries. I didn’t take any picture of the truffle fries. In terms of serving, it was a little too much for us.

With that, we concluded the night with me partially drunk and went home via cab.

Jul 24, 2017

For today, I spent quite a lot of it sleeping due to the so called hangover. Had a bad headache too. Anyway, the times that I was awake, I spent it on watching TV series such as Game of Thrones and The Strain.

Later in the evening, I met up with my colleagues, now ex-colleagues, for my farewell dinner. We had dinner at Canton Paradise at Star Vista and then followed by a drinking session at Holland Village.

We ordered a platter of Schweinshaxe, Fried Chicken Cutlet, Onion Rings, Sausages, Chicken Wings and Sauerkraut. In terms of alcohol, there is Guinness and Erdinger involved. One of my colleague who don’t drink ordered Ice Lemon Tea instead. For me, I went with a pint of mixed Erdinger Weizenbier and Erdinger Dunkel. After that, we concluded the night with a bottle of 1664 Blanc.

Now I’m a little tired and instead I shall focus on maybe watching some YouTube video…maybe watch some TV series too. Then I will go to bed.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 21, 2017

This is my 108th journal.

It’s my last day of work. Next Monday, there will be a farewell dinner. After that, for the remaining week, I will be mostly free except for some medical appointments that I have with NUH.

For work today, it was mainly me focusing on handing over stuff, updating documents, etc. I left the office at around 1800hrs after I returned the company’s key and access card for the customer’s office.

I do have some other stuffs that I need to do tomorrow, and so for the night I shall to catch up on some of the TV series that I haven’t watch due to work and my priority of playing Cities: Skylines.

I do have something that I would like to share but I will need to plan out how to share it. I will probably prepare it a separate journal entry.

Lastly, I just want to note that despite without any medication, I was able to manage my bipolar disorder. If you have been reading my journals, you would have known that I have been doing long distance runs. These runs help to prevent me from slipping into depression. They raise the Serotonin levels in my brain. But let’s not forget that I score very high on neuroticism. A moderate to strong stressor (especially one that I have never dealt with before in my life) will cause me to go into depression again. For the past few days, I have swung from happy to depressed state several times, and was using caffeine to stay neutral or slightly happy.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 20, 2017

This is my 107th journal.

One more day, and I’m gone from the company. The remaining days will be to clear off my paid leaves.

For work today, there isn’t much to do. All I did was to clean up the SIT environment and preparing the test data for UAT. Left the customer’s office at around 1800hrs.

Later in the evening, I went and meet my friend for dinner at Sushi Bar (Takashimaya).

I ordered an Aburi Chirashi Don, with steam egg and a hot green tea.

I like to eat at Sushi Bar due to the large serving of sashimi that you don’t get from those common Japanese restaurant chains. The raw fish are fresh with a decent portion of rice.

We had a opinionated discussion about what is depression and how to handle suicidal thoughts. Different approach but fair enough.

After that we made our way home.

Here is a video that explain what I think is important for everyone.

Here I conclude my journal for today.