Daily Journal – Jul 1, 2017

This is my 91st journal.

There goes June and here comes July. This month marks the last month I will with my current company. After that it will be my career break.

Last night, I had too much coffee that I didn’t sleep until nearly 0430 in the morning. I woke up at around 11am. I spent my waking hours until around 1610 catching up on TV shows. I also watched some YouTube video and read some articles.

Then I went for a 8km run as evident from the screenshot of my Apple Watch. As of now, I’m actually completely exhausted from that long run but I think it’s worth it.

After the run, I went for my dinner at Jurong Point. As usual, I eat in one of the Japanese Restuarant cause I never quite like to share table with a total stranger and I hate the need to find a seat in a food court or hawker center. So I had a cream-sauced pasta with prawns and salmon chunks. I won’t say this is the nicest pasta I have ever eaten but it’s familiar to me and I eaten it quite often.

Later tonight, I will be out with my friends from Secondary School for a drink. Not sure which place yet. Will update this blog post later with pictures.

Normally, I’d schedule my journal entry for publishing. But for today, I will just post with whatever I have because I don’t know what time I will be back to update with the relevant content.

Update: Jul 2, 2017

As promised, I will posting something more after my drinking session with my friends.

First all, I got to thank them for being there upon the call. I mean, if I didn’t go for the drinks, I would probably feel very depressed at home.

So, we met at Jurong Point later that night and took a cab down to the place. We ordered a tower of San Miguel.


We finished the first tower rather quickly. Then we ordered the second. For me, I had too much in one seating that we couldn’t finish the second tower.

I went home pretty drunk, lost track of chunks of my time, and only remembered stumbling out of the cab and went home. Good times actually.

Here I conclude my journal for today.