Daily Journal – Jul 3, 2017

This is my 92nd journal.

I just realized that I have been numbering my more recent journals wrongly. They are all fixed now.

Well, I don’t feel like writing this journal but it still has to be done.

Woke up at 7am today as I always do. I still prefer some kind of structure in my life despite my company’s flexible hours.

Hmm… I actually woke up feeling bloody depressed. My binge drinking on Saturday actually destroyed whatever serotonin that I have accumulated and my mood just crashed back down. Didn’t feel like doing any shit. So the re-SIT was done half-heartedly.

Now this lead to what I want to say next. You know people have this saying where you should drink in order to drown your sorrow but the fact is alcohol is a form of depressant. It will practically make you feel like shit and if you abuse it, that’s it. You are forever depressed. So, don’t even consider drinking to be a part of your depression treatment.

I actually consider myself quite lucky. I have friends and family who are supportive in whatever way they can, directly or indirectly. So I’m counting my blessing.

So back to what I was doing for today. After the re-SIT, I went for lunch. After lunch, I went on to update the SIT breakdown, basically is an Excel spreadsheet of which test case was done, what were the issues, what were resolved, etc. That’s one of the thing that I took care of primarily as part of my job.

As my mood was still pretty low, I didn’t quite have the energy to do the document. So after doing it half way, I went on browsing the internet for information on the app that I wanted to build. I found some and then I share some thoughts that I had with my friends whom I working with on making the app happen.

After that, later in the afternoon, I have a meeting with the customer on some of the issues discovered during the re-SIT. The meeting lasted until 1830 and I would say it was a decently productive meeting. We did trash out a number of issues.

So for work tomorrow, I guess I will be going fixing some of the issues raised and also update the company JIRA for these issues. It is so that there’s some kind of continuity for someone to take over.

As part of my relaxation for the night, I went to watch some video on YouTube. Some of the videos that I watched are as follows:

Here I conclude my journal for today.