Daily Journal – Jul 5, 2017

This is my 94th journal.

I will try to keep this short as I’m writing this journal on the train. I did have some stuff written on my hard copy journal. I will let it stay there too because they are more private in terms of content.

Don’t know what else to write today except that I managed to be productive despite having the strong, don’t want to work feeling.

Managed to clear about 12 tasks. Then I left about 6.30 from Paya Lebar.

A few moments later…

Ah, the SMRT decided that a train is not for passenger service during peak hour at Clementi. Lost my patience because I was super tired and wanted to just quickly get home to unwind. So, I decided to take a cab home. Couldn’t find a cab. I felt even more pissed off. So I went to the bus interchange and took a bus home. This ride will take me maybe 45 mins to get home….

Oh, before I forget…

My client also decided to contact me and ask me when I will fix those bugs that they raised last week. I told them by next week.

Now now… when you are suffering from burnout and depression, and your personality is just high on neuroticism, these kind of additional pressure just pushes you ever closer to the limit…but have to remain professional. So I will find a way to schedule the bug fixes into my calendar.

Later tonight, I actually wanted to go for a run… so I am uploading this journal early.

Here I conclude my journal for today.