Daily Journal – Jul 20, 2017

This is my 107th journal.

One more day, and I’m gone from the company. The remaining days will be to clear off my paid leaves.

For work today, there isn’t much to do. All I did was to clean up the SIT environment and preparing the test data for UAT. Left the customer’s office at around 1800hrs.

Later in the evening, I went and meet my friend for dinner at Sushi Bar (Takashimaya).

I ordered an Aburi Chirashi Don, with steam egg and a hot green tea.

I like to eat at Sushi Bar due to the large serving of sashimi that you don’t get from those common Japanese restaurant chains. The raw fish are fresh with a decent portion of rice.

We had a opinionated discussion about what is depression and how to handle suicidal thoughts. Different approach but fair enough.

After that we made our way home.

Here is a video that explain what I think is important for everyone.

Here I conclude my journal for today.