Daily Journal – Jul 24, 2017

This is my 109th journal.

For this journal, I will be consolidating what went on in my life yesterday and today.

Jul 23, 2017

In the morning, I spent some time to attempt to fill the security clearance form for my new employment. However, the system required two working days before the form that I filled in previously is retrieved from the intranet. With that, I emailed the HR person from the new company requesting for extension.

Then I went to watch some tv series and played Cities: Skylines again. This time, I think I messed up again and didn’t take correct advantage of the game rules. Now I am having traffic jams everywhere and that the commercial zones aren’t getting their goods in time. I think I will need to spend some time again to fix all that. In addition, I wasn’t able to grow my in-game treasury beyond 13.5 million dollars. Now it’s actually being reduced due to deficits. I need to increase my taxes or reduce the amount of services.

Later in the evening, I went to meet up with a friend of mine for dinner and a drinking session. For dinner, I chose Mexican and went to do a simple googling. Found Super Loco and so we went there.

We ordered chicken wings and as soon as we took a bite, we were surprised at just how good it tasted. For $15, it’s definitely worth it.

Then we also ordered suckling pig. Well, I quite like the dish but for my friend, he disliked it. According to him, the meat was poorly prepared.

After that, we went to a bar call The Fine Line located at Holland Village for a drink. We ordered a tower of Erdinger and managed to finish it. Then came another pint, again we finished it.

We also ordered truffle fries. I didn’t take any picture of the truffle fries. In terms of serving, it was a little too much for us.

With that, we concluded the night with me partially drunk and went home via cab.

Jul 24, 2017

For today, I spent quite a lot of it sleeping due to the so called hangover. Had a bad headache too. Anyway, the times that I was awake, I spent it on watching TV series such as Game of Thrones and The Strain.

Later in the evening, I met up with my colleagues, now ex-colleagues, for my farewell dinner. We had dinner at Canton Paradise at Star Vista and then followed by a drinking session at Holland Village.

We ordered a platter of Schweinshaxe, Fried Chicken Cutlet, Onion Rings, Sausages, Chicken Wings and Sauerkraut. In terms of alcohol, there is Guinness and Erdinger involved. One of my colleague who don’t drink ordered Ice Lemon Tea instead. For me, I went with a pint of mixed Erdinger Weizenbier and Erdinger Dunkel. After that, we concluded the night with a bottle of 1664 Blanc.

Now I’m a little tired and instead I shall focus on maybe watching some YouTube video…maybe watch some TV series too. Then I will go to bed.

Here I conclude my journal for today.