Daily Journal – Jul 28, 2017

This is my 113rd journal.

Was already awake at around 0745hrs but decided to continue to remain in bed until the alarm went off at 0800hrs.

Had my breakfast, consisting of instant oatmeal and instant noodles with sesame oil broth and egg.

Made my way to my client’s office at Raffles Place from home at 0930hrs. Reached the office at around 1015hrs after getting Venti-sized Cold Brew and turkey ham with egg and cheddar sandwich.

Reached client’s office at 1025hrs, settled down and got to work. Fixed more bugs and uploaded the executable to the FTP. Also met with the company’s Managing Director and the Financial Controller and had a quick chat.

Decided to have lunch at 1320hrs. Walked around to look for a restaurant to eat at One Raffles Place. Couldn’t find any. The lunch crowd is just insane. Decided to have my lunch to go. Ordered Kaisen Donburi to go and went back to my client’s office.

Ate my lunch in the office, did some light reading online, and chat with my friends.

Waited for the manager to come back and I deployed the application one more time after finding more bugs and fixing it on the spot.

And why are there so many bugs? My work lacks the quality because of my lack of attention to details. The reason is very simple. I became convinced that even when I tried to give a fuck, management don’t recognize my effort. Well, this mindset is wrong. I need to change it back to what I had all along. Focus on quality delivery, even if I have to spend more time or effort to do so.

Later at around 1730hrs, I left the client office and made my way to Redhill via the MRT. I was meeting my former colleagues at the Tsubame Ramen which I talked about in my previous entry in June of 2017.

So today, the ramen’s standard dropped in terms of broth, meat and the noodles. The Shoyu broth lacks the saltiness as compared to what I ate the first time round. Shoyu means Soy Sauce and Soy Sauce are salty. The braised pork lack the required taste and contained quite a fair bit of bones. The noodles were softer than usual. However, for $6, I can’t ask too much. So this time around, the score is 3 out of 5 stars.

We chatted for a bit and had some desert. I was thirsty as fuck and so I ordered more drinks. We left the place at around 2130 hrs and I took the train home from Harbourfront MRT station. On the train, I caught up on some of the videos from some channels that I followed recently. Reached home at around 2315hrs to finish off this journal.

Prepared a drink with Redoxon Triple Action.

I have been taking their Double Action tablets for quite some time now. If I remember correctly, since I was 15. Double action means each tablet contains both Zinc and Vitamin C. I took the tablets to combat my acne back then. Partially to help speed up the healing process. Also I don’t like to eat fruits or vegetables. So that was the only way I can ensure my Vitamin C levels are ok.

When I got adult acne outbreaks around 25, I was expecting that it will help with the healing process but it didn’t. I suspect it was because my adult acne was primarily nodular acnes. It was six months before I went through a course of antibiotics to get them under control but it was too late. The acnes are mostly gone but in their place I got acne scars in places where the skin was perfectly smooth. I hate it.

Yes, who say guys don’t need to care about their looks. Those who have good looks naturally says that or their masculine ego is so big that they didn’t dare to acknowledge that.

Now I’m looking for decently priced acne scar treatment program. So if anyone got any suggestion, let me know via the comments.

I will get a shower after I publish this journal. That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.