Daily Journal – Aug 3, 2017

This is my 119th journal.

So the week is almost over. I was feeling extremely groggy when I woke up this morning at around 0950hrs. Went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and came back to my room. Saw my friend texted me at around 0821hrs and so I replied the text.

After going back and forth a few times, we decided to meet up for a meal and ice cream. He suggested that we can go to the Tsuta Ramen at 9 Scotts Road, #01-01, Pacific Plaza.

This restaurant is listed in the Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand 2017 and its main store in Tokyo, Japan has a Michelin Star.

So there were three different style of the ramen. Instead of trying the Shoyu or Shio Soba, I decided to go with the most expensive Miso version. As per my receipt, it’s the Ajitama Char Sit Miso Soba, costing S$23.80. I also ordered a cup of Iced Wheat Tea to go with my meal.

First, I took a bite out of the noodles and I wasn’t sure if I liked the texture. I personally preferred a tougher noodle for the chewing process.

Then I drank the soup and found that it wasn’t very overwhelming. I couldn’t taste flavor of fermented bean and it wasn’t that salty. Overall, I would say it wasn’t memorable. I definitely won’t queue hours for it. If I do come back for second round or the third, I think I will give the rest a try.

My rating for the ramen is around 3/5.

After that, for ice cream, my friend and I went for Cold Stone Creamery at Orchard Central. He wanted to take advantage of the NS50 promotion of 1-for-1 and so we did.

This is my first time eating Cold Stone Creamery and I ordered their signature ice cream, the Mint Chocolate Chip Love. It was a medium-sized cup and thus cost $S8.50.

The first few bites were decent but after that the amount of chocolate chunks was just getting the way. I like chewy stuff but don’t like hard stuff because of my misaligned teeth. Biting into those chocolate chunks felt like crushing ice. Then the ice cream wasn’t cold enough and was too watery for my liking. Felt like goo. The mint itself wasn’t strong enough.

So I didn’t finish the ice cream and my rating for it is around 2.5/5.

So far, in terms of food, all I can say is that I am someone who likes the kick. For example, if I eat chocolate, it must be as biter as possible with the sweet aftertaste. That’s also why I eat mutton curry instead of fish curry. Also why I prefer Keisuke Ramen at Clarke Quay. The list goes on. However, the strong taste doesn’t apply to sweet things or salty things. I will get very disgusted if something is extremely salty or sweet because in the back of my mind, those reminded me of diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

After the ice cream, my friend and I went to look for StarBucks where we can sit and chill. Couldn’t find seats and so decided to just go with 7-eleven and get bottled. I needed to quench my thirst. Then we went to Uniqlo to do some window shopping before we left Orchard Central.

I went on to meet my other friend at Jurong East for dinner. We ate at Tim Ho Wan and finished early. So we went up to the food court to get some fruit juice and kill time. Then we went to catch the movie, The Dark Tower.

I didn’t read any of the Stephen King’s books and so I went in there with no expectations.

The movie itself wasn’t unwatchable to the point where I got so bored and wanted to walk out. But I did notice that everything seemed a little fast pace with a very simplistic plot. In terms of character development, it’s just not there. Trust between the main characters is established like instantly. Overall, I think it felt like the characters suddenly woke up, got hit by some obstacles, overcame the obstacle instantly, then went and do whatever it is they need to do, and save the world. I think it’s because the producers decided to keep the movie under 2 hrs.

I give the movie 2.8/5 stars. Not going to re-watch it. I mean, I do re-watch movie but this movie just isn’t worth it.

After the movie, my friend and I made our way home.

I’m totally exhausted. So just how tired I am? On the way home, I wasn’t aware there was an incoming police car while crossing the road. I also almost didn’t notice another incoming car in the carpark below my apartment.

Ok, so that’s all.

Here I conclude my journal for today.