Journal #138 – Personal Values

People regardless of personality types have their own personal values that if violated will upset them greatly. For INFP, because of their reserved and contradictory nature, it’s hard for other people to determine the personal values of an INFP. Inadvertently, people with other personality types tend to offend an INFP or hurt an INFP.

To prevent any future misunderstanding, it is always preferably for for an INFP to nail down their own set of values and put it out there.

For me, I have managed to identify some of my personal values that are generally non-negotiable as of now. Of course, as I grow and face more situations, I may be able to relax some of these values.

But there are two values which is definitely non-negotiable no matter how much I grow. I value them over everything else. They are:

Safety and Stability – These two values are intertwined with each other. With stability, I get safety. With safety, I get stability. So I will always work to ensure I get both. If I feel like I am violating on either one of them I will abandon the relationship immediately.

Integrity and Honesty – These two values are also intertwined with each other and they are ranked at the same level as the first two, Safety and Stability. They are also related in some ways. For example, dishonesty by any party may affect my safety, which in turn affect my stability. If I feel that my environment is forcing me to violate any one of these values, I will also abandon the relationship.

Now the rest of the values are somewhat negotiable up to a certain point.

Individual Identity – I like me to stay as me. For example, I’m a pretty laid back person and I dress up in a certain way because I feel that it best represent me. One biggest gripe that I have, is when I’m forced me to conform or adhere to certain dress code that doesn’t represent me, like in the military, corporations or extremely traditional businesses that has their own uniform. It is equivalent to violation of this specific value. Some of my friends also challenge or question why I dress in a certain way in a certain environment. It also affect my stance when it comes to other people. I see it as a violation of this value when parents push down their visions or dreams onto their children, taking away their children’s own identity.

Betterment of Society or Humanity – I care deeply about the condition of all humans. I care about solutions to disease and illness. I care about education access for everyone. This was why I contributed to Folding@Home and World Community Grid in the past.

Flora and Fauna Conservation – I also care about the existing flora and fauna in any given environment. For example, I won’t walk on grass if there is a paved path because it will destroy the grass. I’m also against any actions that will result in destruction of habitats or extinction of animals. That also means that it is against my value to be part of or use a product from a company actively engage in wanton destruction of a habitat or killings of animals.

With this, I hope the other INFPs found their personal values and are able to live happier with knowing.

Here I conclude my journal for today.