Journal #142 – Snippets of Thoughts

All these snippets serves more as a reminder for me more than anything else.

Thought #1

When your default state of mind always see the world in an extremely realistic manner, and you lose faith in everyone and everything, depression sets in. That’s when escapism is your only way out. And if it’s not enough, you start making massive life changes that is extremely “not” you.

Thought #2

The more you try to exert control, the less control you have.

Thought #3

Smells. I can pick up some of the most disgusting smells, and they overwhelm me.

Thought #4

I’m battling my neuroticism and over-sensitivity everyday. I barely have any energy left to deal real life stress.

Thought #5

Talking and thinking about it don’t achieve anything. You have to do it.

Here I conclude my journal for today.