Journal #144 – Oh Darn It

How can I be so forgetful?


I had forgotten to pack my MacBook Pro adapter into my bag and left it at my client’s office. No wonder my bag felt lighter than usual…

Now it is 2037hrs Singapore time and I hope I got enough power to last me at least until 0000hrs. In between, I will be doing some writing and watching some TV show, specifically Game Of Thrones, and The Strain. I have a feeling that those two shows will consume at least half of the available power. This is my first, real life test of how to live without a power updater for your laptop. I have of course reduced the brightness of my Macbook all the way to a single bar.

Time now is 2233hrs and I just finished watching Game of Thrones. It’s the season finale and I got to say I’m impressed by that ending. Also had my dinner. Well, my MacBook now has about 60% battery left. Since it’s quite evident that watching video can drain quite a fair bit of battery, I’m gonna skip watching The Strain until tomorrow.

Now let me share a little bit of my day. It is one of the rare days where I actually had motivation to write a decent amount of code, especially after lunch. I was able to focus for almost 2hrs before I needed to use the loo. Turns out it was because of my lunch. I had salad from The Salad Corner for lunch. It was a mixture of mashed egg whites, olives, pickles (carrot and radish), chopped carrot, broccoli, salmon, and Thai grilled chicken with a generous drizzle of olive oil. I got to say it was one of the most satisfying meal ever. Definitely refreshing.

But then it’s not cheap. It cost me about SG$13.90. I am not sure why salads are more expensive than normal food that I can get from hawker centers or food court. If anyone can enlighten me on this, it would be greatly appreciated. But I also cannot deny the quality of the proteins.

It got me thinking if I should attempt to make a similar meal at home and bring it to work going forward. I mean it’s definitely healthier than me eating at hawker centers and cheaper than me eating at whatever restaurants that’s near my new workplace.

I do have a series of end goals and that money plays a big part. Don’t think I want to be spending huge amount on food going forward. The occasional splurge on restaurant food is fine so as not to cause me to suffer from massive cravings but in excess is bad. Like anything in life.

Last but not least, my friends and I have started planning ahead for a 14-days Europe trip that will take place in third quarter of 2018. The starting location is most likely Copenhagen and will be making our way south and finish the trip at either France or Italy? Maybe Switzerland? Nothing is concrete yet and we will see how it goes.

From my perspective, considering that we are Singaporeans and the government enjoys calling us back for military training, a lot of plans can sometimes end up screwed. Maybe my new job can also screw me over. Well, life enjoy punching people in the face and it’s how we respond that matters.

That’s all for tonight.

Here I conclude my journal for today.