Journal #148 – Distilling My Foundational Values

Foundational values form the basis of your being and they determine the actions you take in life.

In today’s journal, I would be distilling my foundational values. It’s on top of these foundational values that I have my core values, which I will talk about in a future journal.

To start, the first foundational value that I have is: Honesty. I never believe that telling a lie, even if it’s a white lie, is the best way forward especially in any relationship. It can be professional, personal, or friendships. Omission of details is also a form of white lie and that is something I don’t agree with. By telling the truth, even if other people disagree, you can rest assured that when something do happen, your conscience is clear. This to me is always better than carrying around guilt. Guilt is sometimes the thing that destroys you from the inside. As a side effect, it more likely to make people respect you more as a person.

My next foundational values is: Integrity. To me, integrity is ethics. One good example of integrity to me is, do not take what is not yours. Or another more common example is, not taking credit for work done by somebody else.

My third foundational value is: Personal Safety. This is pretty much self-explanatory. To give an example, it means that I don’t put myself or anyone else in harm’s way or in situations where harm can befall on anyone.

My fourth foundational value is: Financial Safety. This is also pretty much self-explanatory. To give an example, it means that I need to be able to have enough cash saved up for any raining day or purchase that need more money that my monthly paycheck can cover. Now with my minimalism lifestyle, this can be fulfilled in a much easier manner.

My last foundational value is: Individuality. This is a rather grey value. Individuality can mean many things. For me, I like to think there are two aspect. One is about the freedom to express myself through words or clothes. The second is about respecting my opinion or views or statements on things in life. People tend to violate the second aspect when they sounded dismissive.

Now, whatever actions I take or feelings that I may have about certain things all revolves around me trying to fulfill or meet these values in a very clear right or wrong manner. People who violated any of these values will tend to end up on the receiving end of my anger or irritation. However, you will see me violating some of these foundational values. When you do see that, it simply means that something is terribly wrong (e.g. I’m completely and utterly stressed out) and I’m on the path of self-destruction. There are some cases in life which I am unable to reconcile or perform any actions that align with my foundational values. When that happens, you will see lots of contradictions from me as I’m torn.