Journal #151 – Started New Job

Today marked the first day of my new job at a company which I shall nicknamed “S”.

The morning was mostly me and many other newcomers undergoing orientation. Then closer to the start of the afternoon, my department manager gave me an overview of the project that I will be doing. Then we went for lunch.

After lunch, the technical manager briefed me on the architecture of the system. After that, my reporting manager also gave me a brief on the component that I will be working on.

Other than that, I spent most of the day setting up my workstation, getting introduced to most of the department, and settling some admin stuff.

Later in the evening, at around 1800hrs, I got introduced to the SVP of the division that I’m in. He talked for a long time, trying to “set certain expectations” and “change my mindset”.

To me, it doesn’t matter. In my mind, I already decided to want to go on a different path in life instead of being a software engineer. I know my core leanings. I know I love writing. It’s just a job for me to earn some income while I focus on what truly matters to me.