Journal #159 – Core Values

In my previous entry, I talked about my foundational values that form the basis of my other values that define who I am. In today’s entry, I will be talking about my core values.

When it comes to values, you can think of them as stacked on top of each other like an onion. Foundational values form the core, core values on the next layer, followed by minor values.

Core values although important, can be slightly more flexible when it comes to applying in real life. Certain or minor infraction are allowed but too much of it or outright violation will cause me to be very upset.

For these core values, not exhaustive, I will be ranking them in accordance to how important they are to me. They are not exhaustive because my full-time job is taking away so much of my time, preventing me from doing proper self-actualization work. What I mean is that after a long day of work, I tend to want to spend quite a fair amount of time shutting down parts of my mind and do mindless stuff as part of my “relaxation”.

Health – My health, both mental and physical, are important to me. Without health, I won’t be able to do anything in life. This is why I will try to avoid eating fast food whenever possible, and eat healthy whenever possible. Less oil, less salt, and definitely no sugar. I will try to work out as best as I could so that I stay healthy. One thing that I hate the most is smoking, especially second-smoke. Due to smoking’s area of effect, I am particularly upset or disgusted with smokers.

Relationship – My relationship with my friends is important to me because my friends are my support pillars when it comes to life. I tend to talk to my friends when I’m stressed, upset, or when I need some kind of advice or validation. Without them, I think I will spiral downwards and become massively depress. My relationships with my family members are equally important too. Without them, I won’t have the stability in life that I need. I will always try my best to give whatever I can give to the relationship though at times, it may seem that I’m receiving more than I’m giving. Now, maybe one day, this value may be upgraded to be part of my foundational value as life goes on. We will see.

Quality – When it comes to whatever I do in life, I always try to deliver the end result that is of a certain quality. So much so that, people won’t need to come back to me for further clarification, fixes, etc. However, there are times when my emotions got in the way or when I don’t like to do something, the quality of my output may slip.

Mobility – This specifically refer to “I do my work whenever and wherever I want.” I never quite like to stay in one spot working and work for a fix period of time. I like to be able to choose where I work from, when I work, and how long I work. Kind of like freelancing work. However, there are times when I need to lock myself in so that I do the work required. The reason is simple: I’m a very lazy person.

I think that pretty much cover all the core values that I could think of now. When I find more, I will update this list again.

I hope this helps you to identify your own core values in life so that you can focus on them and make your life meaningful.